KayCKay – Book Blogger Interview — Ity Reads Books

I was interviewed by Ity Reads Books as part of a blogger interview series.  Go check it out – and while you are at it, follow Ity Reads Books!

We are onto our second Book Blogger, KayCKay. She’s been doing this for a bit longer than BookFrolic and way longer than me. I love her blog and I’m so happy to share her interview with you all. Like last time her links will be at the bottom so make sure that you hit her […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

IMG_7559 (1)Thank you so much to Live The Frugal Life for the nomination for the Versatile Blogger award! I encourage everyone reading this to go subscribe to that blog immediately!  🙂

I started blogging back in late November 2018 so I could share my love of books. I never dreamed I’d have so much support from so many people!!  I already have over 350 followers which blows my mind and I am super thankful for each and every one of you. It feels really good to know there are people out there just as interested in reading as I am and are interested in what I might have to say about the books I read!  Thank you VERY much to all my current and future followers!  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!  And I have to give a shout out to the blogging community on Twitter… I’ve found so many awesome bloggers there! I wouldn’t have the followers I have today without the awesome people I’ve met via Twitter. Continue reading “Versatile Blogger Award”