A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane ★★★★★ #ShortStoryReview

dogThis short story was published in Cosmopolitan in March 1901, but it was believed to be written sometime in 1893 (although I’ve seen some information noting it was written in 1890). Knowing this was an allegory about the Jim Crow South during Reconstruction, I decided to read the story and see if I could identify the hidden meanings within it. This review will outline the themes and a character analysis I found online after I read the story. I will also include my personal thoughts and talk about whether or not I identified the meanings/themes while reading the story. Continue reading “A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane ★★★★★ #ShortStoryReview”

The Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd ★★★★☆ #bookreview

ingidoSynopsis from Goodreads
The year is 1739. Eliza Lucas is sixteen years old when her father leaves her in charge of their family’s three plantations in rural South Carolina and then proceeds to bleed the estates dry in pursuit of his military ambitions. Tensions with the British, and with the Spanish in Florida, just a short way down the coast, are rising, and slaves are starting to become restless. Her mother wants nothing more than for their South Carolina endeavor to fail so they can go back to England. Soon her family is in danger of losing everything. Upon hearing how much the French pay for indigo dye, Eliza believes it’s the key to their salvation. But everyone tells her it’s impossible, and no one will share the secret to making it. Thwarted at nearly every turn, even by her own family, Eliza finds that her only allies are an aging horticulturalist, an older and married gentleman lawyer, and a slave with whom she strikes a dangerous deal: teach her the intricate thousand-year-old secret process of making indigo dye and in return — against the laws of the day — she will teach the slaves to read. So begins an incredible story of love, dangerous and hidden friendships, ambition, betrayal, and sacrifice.

My Thoughts
When I realized Eliza Lucas was a real person I knew I had to read this book. Continue reading “The Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd ★★★★☆ #bookreview”