The Secrets of Love Story Bridge by Phaedra Patrick ★★★★☆ #BookReview #BookBlog #BlogTour


Primary Genre(s): Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
Published: 28 April 2020 by Park Row Books
Page count: 336
My Format: eARC via NetGalley
Cover: Pretty
Pacing: Good
Ending: Satisfying
Would I recommend it: Yes
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My rating: ★★★☆

Synopsis from Goodreads
It’s summer in the city and passions are soaring along with the temperature—for everyone but Mitchell Fisher, who hates all things romance. He relishes his job cutting off the padlocks that couples fasten to the famous “love story” bridge. Only his young daughter, Poppy, knows that behind his prickly veneer, Mitchell still grieves the loss of her mother.

Then one hot day, everything changes when Mitchell courageously rescues a woman who falls from the bridge into the river. He’s surprised to feel an unexpected connection to her, but she disappears before he can ask her name. Desperate to find out her identity, Mitchell is shocked to learn she’s been missing for almost a year. He teams up with her spirited sister, Liza, on a quest to find her again. However, she’s left only one clue behind—a message on the padlock she hung on the bridge.

My Thoughts
I was asked to participate in the blog tour for this book and, as a fan of Phaedra Patrick’s previous novels, I was keen to join in. Here are my pros and cons for The Secrets of Love Story Bridge:


  1. I really enjoy contemporary romance novels written from a man’s POV. This book was no exception. Mitchell, widower and single dad, is a charming and engaging character even though he is struggling with grief, guilt and loneliness. You almost can’t help but connect with him, in part because you will find yourself wanting to help him.
  2. Phaedra Patrick writes mature romance – at least that is how I would describe her books. She writes about real people with real problems who happen to connect with other real people with real problems. Her characters are often older and her lead characters are frequently men. Throughout this particular book we get the privilege of observing the unlikely connection between two adults grow. The romance/relationship in this book isn’t mushy, it isn’t raunchy, it isn’t erotic, and it isn’t even steamy… and I appreciate that. Patrick writes relationships that are realistic, honest, and solid.
  3. Poppy, Mitchell’s daughter, was also a great character. She seemed a bit wise beyond her years, but sometimes kids are that way after experiencing tragedy. The relationship between Poppy and her Dad was endearing and well-written.
  4. I thought the exploration of grief, guilt, and loneliness was well done. Mitchell had many things he had to work through in order to “move on” with his life. Letting go of the past is probably one of the hardest things a human has to do in life. I thought the feelings Mitchell had (good and bad) and actions he took to address his feelings (good and bad) were honest and realistic.
  5. I thought Mitchell’s reaction to being considered a “hero” was unique. At least I didn’t expect it.
  6. The use of the locks and subsequent written love stories was a unique and creative way to tell this story.
  7. The pacing of the novel is really good. I read it in a day.


  1. I don’t love the title. To me the title is cutesy and I would never describe this book as cutesy.
  2. The secondary story in the book (the woman on the bridge) was interesting… until it was resolved. Considering the drama and tension of the woman’s situation, the resolution felt rushed and unrealistic.

Phaedra Patrick’s books are often described as heartwarming… because they are. This book is definitely heartwarming. It was also charming and funny and uplifting and hopeful. I would recommend any of her books to anyone who enjoys a solid love story.

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Thank you NetGalley and Park Row Books for a free eARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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