2019 – My Year in Books #BookBlog #BookReview

2019 YINB

Well, we are at the end of 2019! It has been a great year for reading and a great year for blogging!  I’ve had so much fun sharing my bookish thoughts with you this year and I am looking forward to 2020!

I have summarized my year in reading below and sorted the books by the ratings I gave them.

★☆☆☆☆ – A one-star rating means I really disliked the book. One-star books are typically full of flaws, plot holes, inconceivable situations, etc. These books are usually memorable for the wrong reasons and I would not recommend them. The following are my one-star books for 2019.

★★☆☆☆ – A two-star rating means the book was just okay. The story had considerable flaws and will likely not be memorable. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these books to others. The following are my two-star books for 2019. (I do have one more review posting before the end of the year that is a 2-star book for me – it is Things in Jars by Jess Kidd. The image is not included in the mosaic below.)


★★★☆☆ – A three-star rating means I liked this book. It was a good story, but doesn’t necessarily rise to the best of its genre. These are often quick, enjoyable reads at the moment, but are not necessarily memorable. I would likely recommend to others. The following are my three-star books for 2019.


★★★★☆ – A four-star rating means I really liked this book. It was definitely an enjoyable story. Perhaps a few forgivable flaws because the story was compelling, interesting, and/or entertaining enough to overlook. Memorable. I would recommend to most people. The following are my four-star books for 2019 (no image for The Wrong Plane (short story) by Robin Sloan).


★★★★★ – A five-star rating means I loved this book. One of the best of its genre or the book had a particularly strong impact on me. Memorable. I would recommend to anyone. The following are my five-star books for 2019.

If any of these books piqued your interest, you can click here to find the complete list of the books I have rated. The links on that page will take you to my reviews.

Since I love numbers and statistics I put together a quick graph showing the spread of my reviews this year.

2019 graph

Thankfully, out of 136 books I reviewed, I rated the majority of them between 3 and 5 stars! My average book rating for 2019 is 3.60 and my median score was 4.0. All this means is that I enjoyed the majority of the books I read this year! And I consider that a win!!

Finally, if I had to pick a top 10 for 2019 I think it would be the following (in no particular order):

Thanks for making this a fun 2019 for me! My blog is just a little over a year old now and I really love reviewing books… more than I even expected to love it! Thanks to all of my followers for your support, comments, recommendations, and your book reviews!

Here is to a prosperous and happy 2020 for everyone!


8 thoughts on “2019 – My Year in Books #BookBlog #BookReview

  1. I’d love to read the Passengers by John Marrs. For some reason the website I usually order books from still doesn’t have it.. I guess I’ll need to order it from Bookdepository.

    You read so many books! And many 4 and 5 stars as well. I hope 2020 will be even better 🙂 Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

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