More Than We Can Tell (Letters to the Lost #2) by Brigid Kemmerer ★★★★★ #BookReview #BookBlog


Primary Genre(s): Contemporary, Young Adult
Published: First published 16 March 2018 by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Page count: 415
My Format: eBook via Overdrive
Cover: Simple
Pacing: Perfect
Ending: Really great
Would I recommend it: Yes!
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My rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis (from Goodreads)
With loving adoptive parents by his side, Rev Fletcher has managed to keep the demons of his past at bay. . . until he gets a letter from his abusive father and the trauma of his childhood comes hurtling back.

Emma Blue’s parents are constantly fighting, and her only escape is the computer game she built from scratch. But when a cruel online troll’s harassment escalates, she not only loses confidence but starts to fear for her safety.

When Rev and Emma meet, they’re both longing to lift the burden of their secrets. They connect instantly and deeply, promising to help each other no matter what. But soon Rev and Emma’s secrets threaten to crush them, and they’ll need more than a promise to find their way out.

My Thoughts
What a gem! I love it when I randomly pick a book to read and it ends up being absolutely wonderful! I loved this book!!! Here are my pros and cons for More Than We Can Tell:


  1. This is the second book in the Letters to the Lost series; however, you do not have to read the first book to read this one. While there are overlapping characters between books, the stories themselves are really independent. I have not read the first book; however, this book was so fantastic that I fully intend to read the first book ASAP. If it is half as good as this one was, I am sure will enjoy it.
  2. The themes in this book were awesome for a YA audience in particular, but really anyone in general. The story will give you all the feels – running the gambit from fury, heartbreak, hurt, fear, love, uncertainty, and hope! I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving away plot lines, but suffice it to say that physical and psychological abuse was handled carefully, the romance was appropriate and incredibly sweet, and the “scary” part was effective, realistic, and hopefully an eye-opener for teens (if they read the book).
  3. I wish every teen would read this book and understand that unless you know the people you are talking to online in real life, you don’t really know them (no matter how much you think you do). Internet safety is such an important issue to teach our kids (and young adults) – unfortunately there are dangers lurking everywhere and we have to know how to protect ourselves. This book includes a great story line to highlight why internet safety is so important!
  4. I thought religion was covered in a respectful way – from the depiction of the religious zealot (who ultimately wasn’t a true Christian at all) to the discussion of bible verses between Rev and Emma.
  5. One of the particularly touching parts of the book for me was when Rev and Emma both finally figured out that their parents have their best interests at heart and that they can tell their parents anything. I wish more teens and young adults knew this. Even if the conversation will be hard, TALK TO YOUR PARENTS! Even if your parents get upset about something, I guarantee most parents are going to help you through any situation you may find yourself in. And getting help sooner, rather than later, can often stave off some serious consequences.

Telling Dad everything was such an unexpected relief. I’d been so worried that he would condemn me—and instead, he reminded me I’m not so alone.

  1. The characterizations and the friendships/relationships in the book were well done. I thought Rev and Emma’s budding relationship was very sweet and well-written; however, I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Rev and Matthew (a teen Rev’s parents were fostering). Both boys had painful histories and hid behind their own emotional walls, yet after some initial struggling, they slowly started to communicate and become friends. It was a really nice story line.
  2. Rev’s parents are just awesome human beings.
  3. At one point Rev tells Emma, “Every time I’m around you, I want to be braver.” Wow! What a great line!
  4. I loved that Emma was a strong, smart girl. (see con #2).
  5. The emotional connection you will have with the characters is unbelievable. It is almost like you are with them in the story rather than reading it. Chalk that up to some phenomenal writing.
  6. I raced through this book. It is just fantastic and I was a tad bummed when I finished it… I wanted more!


  1. You can’t have a YA book without some teen angst… I get that. But there were at least a few moments in the book that were a tad unrealistic to me, particularly when characters would jump to silly conclusions about something. Admittedly, I haven’t been a teenager in 30 years, so perhaps I just don’t remember that this behavior is normal. Either way, when it is way over the top, it bugs me. Thankfully, this book had very little of it, but it existed all the same.
  2. I did not like that Emma felt like she had to take care of everything herself (regarding the situation she was dealing with in the book that I won’t mention so I don’t reveal plot). She kept saying she didn’t need help, females experience this kind of stuff all the time, and she will have to learn how to deal with it herself. Somewhere along the line, girls like Emma are taught that in order to be a strong female, they have to deal with things themselves. This kind of mindset can get you in heaps of trouble, particularly if you are a minor. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, female or otherwise. Let me tell you right now, no matter what gender you are, if you are in a situation where you can’t or shouldn’t handle it yourself, ASK FOR HELP! You are no less feminine or masculine just because you ask for help for something.

Even though I had two cons for this book, this is a 5-star read for me. I loved the book. The writing was phenomenal. The topics that were covered were tough, but important for people to read about. I want every teen I know (and most adults!) to read this book.

If you would like to read this book and form your own opinion, please consider purchasing through this link: Buy More Than We Can Tell. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

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