My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite ★★★☆☆ #BookReview #BookBlog

38819868._SY475_Primary Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery, Crime Thriller
Published: 20 Nov 2018 by Doubleday Books
Page count: 226
My Format: Audiobook via Overdrive
Cover: Did you notice the reflection?
Pacing: Good
Ending: Okay
Would I recommend it: Maybe
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My rating: ★★★☆☆

Synopsis from Goodreads
When Korede’s dinner is interrupted one night by a distress call from her sister, Ayoola, she knows what’s expected of her: bleach, rubber gloves, nerves of steel and a strong stomach. This’ll be the third boyfriend Ayoola’s dispatched in, quote, self-defense and the third mess that her lethal little sibling has left Korede to clear away. She should probably go to the police for the good of the menfolk of Nigeria, but she loves her sister and, as they say, family always comes first. Until, that is, Ayoola starts dating the doctor where Korede works as a nurse. Korede’s long been in love with him, and isn’t prepared to see him wind up with a knife in his back: but to save one would mean sacrificing the other…

My Thoughts
I have been hearing about this book for the past several months and I finally decided to read it. Here are my pros and cons:


  1. How can you NOT read a book with a title like this!?!?
  2. The book started off with a bang! I was sucked right in to the drama of Ayoola’s third murder and I was distressed that she involved (and possibly implicated) her sister in the whole situation!
  3. I liked that the book was written from Korede’s perspective. Not only were you in her head and experiencing her emotions, but you were held at arm’s length from Ayoola and you never quite understand what the heck she was thinking. I liked the ambiguity.
  4. Interesting insight into what sisters will do for each other, what they expect from one another, and how one’s childhood experience can have a huge impact on the future.
  5. The sisters were fleshed out enough that I at least had an emotional reaction to them – even if it was a negative one. Korede allowed herself to be used and manipulated and I got so angry with her sometimes! Ayoola is a murderer and she has absolutely no remorse, or really any feelings whatsoever, about her actions and she is just an appalling human being.
  6. It is a super short book and a quick read.


  1. This isn’t a thriller… not by a long shot. After the opening scene of the book (that was awesome!), the rest of the book completely changed character and went off the rails for me, at least compared to what I expected.
  2. The writing felt a little disjointed sometimes – jumping from scene to scene with random or no connections. The flow of the story felt off.
  3. I didn’t find the story to be “full of humor” as promised. If Ayoola’s total indifference to her actions was supposed to be funny, I didn’t get it. I didn’t even think it qualified as dark humor.
  4. The story felt a little voyeuristic – like I was on the outside looking in. I didn’t really feel a connection and the story was just a little insubstantial overall.

I can’t fathom why this was described as a “blackly comic novel” and categorized as a thriller. At best, this was a family drama in my opinion. The book was way more about the sisters’ experiences as children, their relationship with their father, and their relationship with each other. The murders are really just a side story. I was expecting more of a thriller/murder mystery, so I was mildly disappointed that I didn’t get that. However, as a peek into the results of living in a dysfunctional family, I thought it was at least interesting.

I think the book is worth the read if you are interested in a unique peek at a relationship between sisters.

If you would like to read this book and form your own opinion, please consider purchasing through this link: Buy on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite ★★★☆☆ #BookReview #BookBlog

  1. Great review! I loved that the book was so character-focused, but I can understand that that would be disappointing if you’re expecting a proper thriller. For a book with “serial killer” in the title, there’s very little danger or violence on the page.

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  2. Exactly! While the title and synopsis attracted me to the book, they ultimately affected my response to the book since I was expecting something different. The book wasn’t bad at all – it was a great character study! – but ultimately just not what I thought I was getting.

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  3. And that is the problem with summaries and reviews. They help the reader, but they can lead to false expectations. I do think you would have liked this one better if it had been “as advertised.”

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  4. I think this book was promoted incorrectly. It isn’t a bad book, but it definitely isn’t a thriller either. It was more of a look at the psychology behind the actions of the two sisters – and they both had their issues!

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