Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley ★★★☆☆ #BookReview #BookBlog

31952703Primary Genre(s): Young Adult, Fiction
Originally Published: 30 August 2016 by Pan Australia
Page count: 352
My Format: Audiobook via Overdrive
Cover: Pretty, Eye-catching
Pacing: Decent
Ending: Hopeful
Would I recommend it: Maybe
Commission Link: https://amzn.to/2Iy8vig

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The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose ★★☆☆☆ #BookReview #BookBlog

30741918Primary Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction, Art
Originally Published: 27 Nov 2018 by Algonquin Books
Page count: 304
My Format: Audiobook via Hoopla Digital
Cover: Eye-catching
Pacing: Sloooooow
Ending: Meh
Would I recommend it: No
Commission Link: https://amzn.to/2K94Fz3

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Author learns her book is wrong – two weeks before publication! #article #bookblog #nonfiction

Here’s an Actual Nightmare: Naomi Wolf Learning On-Air That Her Book Is Wrong

Please read the article (link above – takes about 3 minutes). I am actually very curious about your thoughts on this.

  1. Was this just poor research?
  2. Did the author allow her agenda to affect how she interpreted information?
  3. The publisher stated “Despite this unfortunate error we believe the overall thesis of the book Outrages still holds.” Do you agree with this?
  4. If a significant portion of any non-fiction book is based on incorrect information, should it still be published? If it has already been published, should the book be recalled in some way? FYI – The book has already been released in the U.K. and is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on June 18, 2019.
  5. What should be done in cases like this when false information is provided to the public as fact? The author has indicated she will look into her research and make necessary corrections. Is that enough?

These are some of the questions that popped into my head when I read the article. I’m curious was others think. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the article or any of he questions I posed. I may not respond to every comment – I anticipate that this one might generate a lot of dialogue.


Rogue Strike (Jake Keller #2) by David Ricciardi ★★★☆☆ #BookReview #BookBlog

41880089Primary Genre(s): Fiction, Military, Political
Originally Published: 4 June 2019 by Berkley Publishing Group
Page count: 416
My Format: eArc via NetGalley
Cover: Bold
Pacing: Good
Ending: Okay
Would I recommend it: Yes, but only to fans of the genre
Commission Link: https://amzn.to/2IfyoD

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