Edgar Allan Poe Coffee Mug #EdgarAllanPoe #coffee #tea


Commission link: https://amzn.to/2JN6O2I

I have been posting a lot of Poe-related story reviews lately so I took a quick peek on Amazon to see if there were any cool Poe-related items… and look what I found! How cool is this mug!? No serious Poe fan should be without it, right? The mug is covered with quotes and images from Poe’s work. It holds 12 ounces and comes in a nice gift box. The side of the box says “Nevermore quaff your coffee from an ordinary mug.” AWESOME!

This is sold by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild on Amazon.  I have no affiliation with them, I just love this mug! I know you do, too!

Buy this mug and “Poe” yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea!  HA!

If you are interested in purchasing this item, please consider purchasing through this link: https://amzn.to/2JN6O2I. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.



6 thoughts on “Edgar Allan Poe Coffee Mug #EdgarAllanPoe #coffee #tea

  1. This is awesome! I have a similar one with Jane Austen quotes. In fact, it’s in the similar style so I think they are from the same company. I highly recommend this brand because the mug is sturdy plus cute! Just giving you my two cents. Ha!

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