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Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

Commission Link:

My husband and I recently bought this floor lamp to replace a super old lamp that just wasn’t cutting it anymore. This thing is AWESOME! Verilux is known for their natural spectrum lights and this one is phenomenal! The lamp has 3 color temperature settings (bright white, cool blue, and warm) and each temperature setting has 5 intensity adjustments! There are so many customization options!

We love this lamp and I’m already considering a second one for another location! If you are looking for a lamp for reading, crafting, or just ambient illumination, you should really take a peek at this one! I personally think this is a phenomenal reading lamp! Just imagine how many extra pages you could read without eye strain due to harsh light!

Image from the Amazon product page:


If you are interested in this lamp, please consider purchasing through this link: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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