Crow Flight by Susan Cunningham ★★★★☆ #bookreview

crowSynopsis from Goodreads
The curious flight patterns of crows lead a teen computer programmer down a path of mystery and romance. Gin trusts logic a little too much. She even designs programs to decide what to eat and how to spend her time. All that changes when she’s paired with a new transfer student, Felix, on a computer modeling assignment to explain certain anomalies in the behavior of crows. As she enters Felix’s world and digs further into the data behind crow behavior, Gin uncovers a terrible secret. And the wrong decision could equal disaster squared . . .

My Thoughts
The synopsis does describe the book, but it isn’t interesting enough to make someone want to read this book in my opinion. This book is so much more than the synopsis describes!

Gin is a computer modeler – a very talented one! She applies logic to everything she does in her life, oftentimes with apps she has designed for that very purpose – Outfitter to decide what to wear, TimeKeeper to efficiently plan her day, HungerStriker to determine the best food choices for optimal nutrition, and even Love Fractal to help select a date. Everything can be determined by algorithms and logic in her world thereby eliminating the need for her to make any decisions that could be wrong. Logic can’t fail her, right? But, after meeting Felix (a fellow modeler who trains crows), she soon discovers there is a lot more to life than just logic!

My initial interest in this book was based on the study of the crows and modeling their flight patterns. As an engineer that intrigued me and I was interested in how that would work in a YA book. The computer modeling discussions weren’t heavy handed at all in my opinion. The reader will not get bogged down in any technical jargon regarding modeling. And while the study of the crows is a fundamental part of this story, at its heart it is a love story.

I loved Gin. She was a strong, smart character with a bright future and a focused plan for her life. Felix, another great character, was more laid back, adventurous and carefree. When their teacher puts Gin and Felix together to work as a team in their computer modeling class, they start spending a lot of time together. This is where the sweet love story begins that you have read for yourself. It is worth it.

This book is so much more than computers and crows. Love, family drama, typical teenager angst, and even a pinch of corporate intrigue thrown in – never a dull moment!

I really enjoyed this book. It appears that this is the first book published by this author and I definitely look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

Thank you Netgalley and Amberjack Publishing for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Published December 11, 2018 by Amberjack Publishing

My rating – 4 out of 5

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