Bright Side by Kim Holden ★★★★★ #bookreview

brightI don’t often cry when reading books and I’m not typically an overly emotional person. But this book brought a few tears to my eyes. Won’t give away any spoilers here for those that haven’t read it and may want to, but generally it is about a college age girl that is known as Bright Side (Kate) by her best friend (and budding rock star) Gus. He calls her Bright Side because she ALWAYS finds the bright side, no matter what horrible events may befall her. This is a generally predictable love story between Kate and a guy she meets in college. They both have secrets (don’t they always?) and it isn’t long before you know exactly the story will end, YET THE ENDING STILL HITS YOU IN THE GUTS – HARD. It is difficult to say I enjoyed a book like this… perhaps it would be more accurate to say I appreciated this book. The positivity was a nice message and it was well written.

Published July 4, 2014 by Do Epic LLC

My rating – 5 out of 5

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