The End of Temperance Dare by Wendy Webb ★★★★★ #bookreview #bookblog

img_5240-1For a “bumps in the night” book this one may take the cake! A gem by Wendy Webb, this one centers around an artist’s retreat that is housed in an old tuberculosis sanatorium near Lake Superior known as Cliffside Manor. I’m sure you can surmise from that one sentence that strange things begin to happen. There is just something about old hospital settings that freak me out every single time! The last two paragraphs of the prologue to this book (see quote below) had me absolutely hooked – such simple sentences, yet SO INCREDIBLY CREEPY!! I love the no nonsense way that Wendy Webb writes and I can’t wait to read more of her fantastic stories. She’s not known as the Queen of Northern Gothic for nothing!

“But in a moment, when she scrambled to her feet, she saw that the others didn’t get up with her. They just lay in the grass, lifeless as dolls, their limbs askew, their faces frozen. She nudged one of them with her foot. Nothing. She sighed. Not this again. Oh, well. She’d find some new playmates tomorrow.”

Published June 6, 2017 by Lake Union Publishing.

My rating – 5 out of 5

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